Welcome to the ArtPlace 2017 Annual Summit!

Once a year, we gather our remarkable community of colleagues working on creative placemaking projects we have been able to support, our foundation and government partners, and the researchers and advisors who help shape our work. This assembly represents the efforts of individuals and organizations across the country working to support communities of all sizes, and shaping the field of creative placemaking each and every day. We are thrilled you’ve joined us in Seattle!

The Pacific Northwest gives us a beautiful backdrop to hear from national and local leaders on some of the most pressing issues facing our communities, including immigration, housing, environment, and the rural urban cultural divide. Additionally, we’ll offer an array of breakout sessions for learning and honing tangible skills, along with great art, networking opportunities, and time to cut loose too!

We will also focus on the dynamic exchange of ideas among peers, providing space for deeper connection and reflection – within ourselves, and with others – through a small group leadership seminar designed by the Aspen Institute’s Executive Leadership Program. We believe that making space for productive, generative, and creative dialogue is a cornerstone of a healthy democracy, and fundamental to meaningful work in every community. 

Throughout the summit, sessions will run in three formats – plenaries, breakouts, and seminars – each providing a different learning opportunity. So let’s have fun and recharge as we reflect, connect and fill up on the knowledge and inspiration we need to last us through the rest of the year. After our closing session, we hope you will head home with fresh reflections on your work, a stronger network, and new ideas and skills to further your impact in your community.

If you have any questions, please email summit [at] artplaceamerica.org.








Our hashtag throughout the summit is #ArtPlaceSummit. For more details and live updates go to the ArtPlace Summit Guidebook App.