What happens when arts and cultural strategies are deployed towards community planning and development goals? How can the arts sector support the outcomes already articulated by various fields within community development – housing, health, public safety, economic development, etc.? 

ArtPlace’s research strategies seek to understand both the processes undertaken and the outcomes achieved by creative placemaking practice.  By looking deeply into the activities and learnings surfaced in both the National Creative Placemaking Fund and Community Development Investments program, we bring the creative work happening in communities of all sizes and contexts together with an analysis of key trends and measures of success in community development practice. Rather than attempting to develop a single approach or system for evaluating creative placemaking project impacts - which vary widely depending on local context, stated goals, and partners - ArtPlace research products are intended more broadly to support practitioners and organizations interested in taking up creative placemaking work.

To that end, we are conducting research work that falls into two primary strategies: