A dynamic and interactive mural has been created for our event by Seattle born Artist Angelina Villalobos, who combines animal folklore, fairy tales, and the Pacific Northwest landscape in her art. Going by the pseudonym 179, Villalobos weaves together these elements, nurturing our imaginations to create background stories thus becoming one of the characters in these tales. Her view is that public art and the community should go hand in hand, interacting with the people and invoking thought. 

For our opening reception we'll be heading to Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience, a history museum in the Chinatown-International District for music, drinks and appetizers and a beautiful performance from the Chinese Community Girls Drill Team

We'll also enjoy an evening at the beautiful Daybreak Star Cultural Center, a Native American cultural center in Seattle. There will be a performance by the Haida Heritage Foundation dancers and then we'll be joined by Seattle beloveds Ben and Joe and their band for some foot stomping American traditional folk, ragtime and blues.

Theater group Ping Chong + Company will present a very special production of Beyond Sacred (excerpt), an interview-based theatre production exploring the diverse experiences of Muslims-Americans. The four young performers vary in many ways, but share the common experience of coming of age in the United States at a time of rising fear of and violence towards Muslims. Following the performance, the actors will speak with Ford Foundation director and renowned poet, Elizabeth Alexander.





Ben and Joe
Ben and Joe have been playing together for almost 5 years, the last 3 of which sent them to the Port Townsend Acoustic Blues Festival, learning at the feet of the elders of the acoustic blues tradition.  They found an affinity in the many branches that tied into the blues and created this duo as a way to explore these branches.  Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons make American music.  They make music that hews to the rough-and-tumble collisions of musical inspirations from the early 20th century; music that paved the way for everything we enjoy today. 


The Chinese Community Girls Drill Team
The Chinese Community Girls Drill Team was the idea of Ruby Chow and a girl's group called the Chi-ettes. The Chi-ettes had been impressed by a performance of the visiting St. Mary's Drum and Bell Team based in San Francisco. Ruby convinced the Chong Wa Benevolent Association to sponsor a community drill team, and in the fall of 1952, the Seattle Chinese Community Girls Drill Team was born.


Haida Heritage Foundation
Haida Heritage Foundation (HHF) is a nonprofit that promotes the survival of Haida language, culture and traditions, to work for the welfare and interest of our members and their descendants, to defend the aboriginal rights and sovereignty of Haida people, to strengthen ties among all Haidas, to share our cultural heritage with others, so stand for peace and the protection of the environment, and to live in a manner that brings honor and respect to their ancestors. One of the ways we accomplish their mission is through learning our songs and dances and sharing with others inside and outside the community. The Haida dance group has origins in Hydaburg, Alaska but members are now residents of Seattle, WA and surrounding areas.  

Ping Chong + Company
Ping Chong + Company produces theatrical works addressing the important cultural and civic issues of our times, striving to reach the widest audiences with the greatest level of artistic innovation and social integrity. The company was founded in 1975 by leading theatrical innovator Ping Chong with a mission to create works of theater and art that explore the intersections of race, culture, history, art, media and technology in the modern world. Today, Ping Chong + Company produces original works by a close-knit ensemble of affiliated artists, under the artistic leadership of Ping Chong.  The art reveals beauty, precision, and a commitment to social justice.
Angelina Villalobos - @179s
Angelina Villalobos is a Seattle born artist who combines animal folklore, fairy tales, and the Pacific Northwest landscape in her art. Going by the pseudonym 179, Villalobos weaves together these elements, nurturing our imaginations to create background stories thus becoming one of the characters in these tales. She will be creating a mural in the hotel during our time together. Your partcipation will be required!



Our hashtag throughout the summit is #ArtPlaceSummit. For more details and live updates go to the ArtPlace Summit Guidebook App.