Cities, Towns, and lands in California stretching from Stockton to Bakersfield


Vision and Strategies

With the added challenge of working entirely over zoom, this Assembly began and completed the first stage of its work in 2020 by identifying a direction forward for their $1.625M. Their direction represents a balance of infusing dollars directly into the people, collectives, and organizations that are already doing the work, in tandem with a coordinated set of weaving, relations building, and cross-pollinating activities for tending averatile network of folks in the Valley. Working with an established set of values both in how to work together and in how to distribute the funds, this Assembly was able to determine a few key ingredients to strengthening creative placekeeping in the Valley.


Communal Self Determination
Remembering the Margins through Healing Land, Cultures, and People

In 2021, this Assembly will activate it’s 2-pronged strategy which begins with entrusting each Assembly member as a steward of a set allocation of funds and will continue through Network Building to further pollinate, grow relationships, and center the wisdom that exists in the Valley.

Follow more of the San Joaquin Valley’s story through the lens of Assembly members and commissioned Creative Documenters, Tianna Arredondo and Orion Camero here. 




The Assembly

Watering Team
Orion Camero, Chike Nwoffiah, Ashley Rojas, Patricia Pratt, Lisa Herrick, Carly Tex, Ome Lopez


Assembly Members
Tianna Arredondo, Environmental Justice Organizer 
Orion Camero, SustainUS, Placeholder Magazine
Lilia Gonzales Chavez, Fresno Arts Council
Lisa Lee Herrick, Hyphen Magazine, LitHop Literary Festival
Amy Kitchener, Alliance for California Traditional Arts
Ome Quetzal Lopez, Dulce UpFront
Consuelo Medina, Kings Cultural Center
Juan Medina, Kings Cultural Center
Hugo Morales, Radio Bilingue, Inc.
Cecilia Moreno, Latinx/Indigenous Youth Fostering Active Civic Engagement Through the Arts
Chike Nwoffiah, Silicon Valley African Film Festival
Osogu A-Braddy Ozoekwe, African Arts and Culture Institute (AACI)
Patricia Pratt, Urbanists Collective
Sol Rivas, Building Healthy Communities
Ashley Rojas, Fresno Barrios Unidos 
Carly Tex, Western Mono culture bearer and linguist, Advocates for Indigenous California Language Survival


Facilitation Team
Pato Hebert, Artist and Prof. New York University, Arts + Politics
Daniel Park, U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives

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