Arts & Culture

At ArtPlace, we think the Arts & Culture sector encompasses everyone from arts agencies, to art & cultural organizations, and individual artists. Beginning in 2019, we will embark on partnerships focused on leadership development and knowledge building for this audience.

We’re interested in connecting people to information, which may or may not include creating more publications, toolkits, or websites. There are several resources already available, and we often find it’s not the lack of materials that are the problem, but how to access them. In response, our partnerships are engaging people to learn from each other, and learn by doing.

To support artists’ leadership development and knowledge building, we are partnering with ioby to offer Artists Lead! – a flexible funding opportunity for creative placemaking projects led by artists. This partnership allows artists to learn by doing by putting smaller infusions of cash directly into their hands, providing one-on-one fundraising coaching, and project development support.

State Arts Agencies are being supported through our partnership with The National Assembly of State Arts Agencies (NASAA) – a research, professional development, and networking opportunity for Community Development Coordinators in all 56 U.S. states and territories. Focusing on the state level in this partnership offers a balanced approach to ArtPlace’s national purview of the creative placemaking field.

For questions about arts & culture leadership and knowledge building initiatives, please email leila [at] artplaceamerica.org.