In concert with our overall embedding strategy, we thought one critical action would be to place decision-making power directly in the hands of the folks who live, work, and play in place. Through Local Control, Local Field(s), ArtPlace is inviting Assemblies of people in six geographies and supporting them to make decisions about how best to use a pool of funds to further strengthen their local field of practice.

It’s all about significant resources placed in control of the folks who do the work.  

In collaboration with many, we are initiating a people-powered process, where these Assemblies will make use of imaginative gatherings with the help of local process facilitators. The Assemblies’ task is to build a big vision about what their local field most needs and to find a way to hold resources, to eventually deploy towards achieving that vision.

We are working with assembles in the city of Philadelphia; the states of Massachusetts and California; and the regions of Central Appalachia and Minnesota-North Dakota-South Dakota-and the 23 Native nations who share that geography.

To learn more about the design, the genesis story, and all the tears, read this blog post.






Central Appalachia




Minnesota – North Dakota – South Dakota – 23 Native Nations