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Also check out the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco "Transforming Community Development through Arts and CultureCommunity Development Innovation Review journal issue featuring this program!


The Community Development Investments program launched in 2015 to investigate and support place-based community development organizations to sustainability incorporate arts and culture into their core work. 

This one-time program provided $3 million to each of six community planning and development organizations over three years, along with significant technical assistance on conceiving, executing, and financing creative placemaking projects aimed at achieving their missions more effectively and for more of their communities.

The six participating organizations included:

A core focus of the program was learning from these organizations and sharing their journies to help other similar organizations see themselves in this work, develop meaningful relationships and projects with the arts and culture sector, and ultimately better fulfill their own missions.  We selected PolicyLink as our Research & Documentation partner to develop a research framework and share key lessons and results. 

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