Program Details

The Community Development Investments (CDI) program has been designed for place-based non-governmental organizations with a primary mission of community planning and development that have not previously incorporated arts and cultural strategies into their core work.  The program will provide flexible funding over three years along with technical assistance on creative placemaking and collaboration around debt financing opportunities, federal grants, and research and documentation activities.

Funding that is provided to each organization is designated to support the following:

  • Organizational capacity building in service of supporting new arts-based partnerships and projects
  • Direct programmatic, capital, and partnership costs related to arts-based projects
  • Participation in Community Development Investments program activities for the duration of the program

ArtPlace will collaborate with organizations to consider the many ways that arts-based strategies can help achieve organizational and community goals and execute multiple projects that involve the arts in community planning, engagement, programming, design, and development.

The major components of the Community Development Investments program during the course of three years include:

  • An initial cultural asset mapping endeavor to identify existing arts and cultural assets in the community (people, organizations, events, and real estate) as well as potential arts & cultural partners and resources throughout the community and beyond.
  • Collaboration with ArtPlace staff, advisors, funded projects, and partners who can provide technical advice around strategies, interventions, funding sources, and capacity-building activities.
  • Collaboration with a Financial Capital Consortium to explore a variety of working capital, business, and real estate financing opportunities.
  • Guidance from a Federal Grants Advisory Team to identify and navigate relevant federal grant opportunities.
  • Collaboration with a Research and Documentation Team to document and learn from the implementation process and ongoing work.

Ultimately, we seeks to achieve multiple levels of impact with this program by:

  • testing the added value arts and cultural strategies can add to organizational processes and community impact
  • sharing this added value and lessons learned with peer organizations
  • demonstrating this added value to public and private funders, investors, and stakeholders