1. What is the grant period for this program? Is this a recurring opportunity?
This is a one-time grant program and will not be offered again. The application for this program opened on January 15, 2015 and closed March 12, 2015 for a grant start date of September 15, 2015. Grant recipients are a part of the program for three years from the grant start date.

2. Why is ArtPlace interested in organizations that have not had a significant history of working with the arts and cultural sector?
One of the core goals of the program is to learn more about the challenges and opportunities that arise in integrating arts and cultural strategies across many different aspects of a place-based NGO’s work. To date, there are a small number of these types of organizations that have incorporated arts and cultural strategies into their regular practice. To increase the overall potential learning opportunities, the CDI will focus financial and expert investments into organizations that have not yet experimented with a broad range of arts and cultural strategies, or have only done so on a limited, individual project basis.

3. How many organizations will be selected to be a part of the program?
ArtPlace has selected one organization in each of six geographical regions.  A list of the six funded projects can be found here.

4. How much funding will grant recipients receive throughout the program?
Grant recipients will receive $250,000 initially to cover certain administrative costs, planning, and cultural asset mapping in their communities. Each organization will then have access to up to an additional $2,750,000 to execute projects during the three year period. The ability to access all of these funds will be dependent on plans submitted to ArtPlace staff and technical advisers.

5. What are the expectations of organizations that receive a grant?
Grant recipients will be expected to work with ArtPlace staff to develop project management plans and budgets, execute creative placemaking projects, and participate in learning and documentation activities.

6. I have more questions. Whom do I contact?
You can direct questions to cdi [at] artplaceamerica.org.