Field Scan Release! Cultivating Creativity: Exploring Arts & Culture in Community Food Systems Transformation

May 22, 2019

By: Jamie Hand, Director of Research Strategies

ArtPlace and DAISA Enterprises are thrilled to announce the release of “Cultivating Creativity: Exploring Arts & Culture in Community Food Systems Transformation.”

The fifth in ArtPlace’s series of Creative Placemaking Field Scans, this new report explores how ​arts and cultural practices ​can be better leveraged to create ​equitable ​and ​place-based food systems change​ across the country - spanning rural, tribal, and urban settings. The scan includes framing, cases studies, and recommendations to advance work happening at this intersection and to serve as a resource for practitioners. 

The report describes how the fusion of artistic and cultural practices with food and agricultural community development enables a creative and inclusive process, ensuring that community members see their identities, histories, and interests reflected in the work. In particular, the research revealed that arts-integrated food systems work provides auniquely accessible and effective way to:

  • Bridge and heal divides
  • Drive equitable food-oriented development and rural vitality
  • Transform community spaces and celebrate identity
  • Promote secure land tenure
  • Ignite creative, community-led processes
  • Preserve and reclaim food & farming traditions

Research led by DAISA Enterprises included interviews with 31 food systems practitioners, artists, and field thought leaders, an analysis of 180 projects that integrate arts and culture with food and agriculture, and deep discussion and review by a working group of over 40 additional practitioners, funders, and policymakers who convened on March 6-7 in Albany, GA. 

Projects that were assessed for this study ranged from community gardens and farms, gathering spaces, and incubator kitchens and to food markets, food & agriculture tourism, and culinary arts initiatives.

To learn more, download the field scan or check out the creative placemaking case studies that illustrate the six themes above.