Connect and Reflect

The Aspen Institute Executive Leadership Seminars use moderated, text-based dialogue to allow leaders from all sectors to step back from day-to-day concerns and reflect more generally on the core values by which they lead. What do we believe, and why do we believe it? Why do we do what we do? What does a good society look like, and what is our role in helping create it? Aspen Institute Executive Leadership has crafted a special program for the ArtPlace Summit with the aim of deepening our reflection, synthesizing what we learn in other sessions, and strengthening the connections among us.


Dinner & Session I: Home?
     Maya Angelou, Home
Session II: Belonging?
     Gloria Anzaldúa, To Live in the Borderlands
     bell hooks, Belonging (Chapter 2 excerpts)
     E. Lily Yu, The Wretched and the Beautiful
Session III: Healing?
     Luther Standing Bear, Indian Wisdom
     Wendell Berry, Healing

Click here for the full Summit agenda with seminar readings.