Destination Frankford

Philadelphia City Planning Commission (PCPC)

Funding Received: 2013
Philadelphia , PA
Funding Period: 1 year and 5 months

Destination Frankford is an arts-based initiative using marketing and creative place-making to enhance and expand the resources of Frankford’s growing arts, artisanal industry, and creative business economy.

Together with the Frankford Community Development Corporation, Destination Frankford is building an identity for Frankford by coordinating and building impactful projects across multiple disciplines including art, landscape architecture, creative placemaking, and community development.

In the spring of 2014, Destination Frankford opened the Destination Frankford Gallery in a building that had been vacant for over 20 years. To bring the community together, the Destination Frankford Gallery hosted street festivals and art shows over a three month period. The Destination Frankford gallery was impactful enough to attract Councilwoman Maria D. Quinones-Sanchez, Mayor Michael Nutter, and State Representative Jason Dawkins to its opening events.

Destination Frankford funded the design, fabrication, and installation of a new signage and way-finding system for the Frankford Avenue Commercial Corridor. The project includes six sign types, two of which will be affixed to the Market-Frankford El and one that will include three-dimensional elements and LED backlighting. The final designs incorporate Destination Frankford's logo with industrial design elements such as I-beams and extruded aluminum panels. The project includes six sign types, two of which will be affixed to the Market-Frankford El and one that will include three-dimensional elements and LED backlighting. Phase 1 of the signs will be installed in May 2015.

The culmination of Destination Frankford is the Frankford Pause Park. The park is named for an expression that Frankford locals use for stopping mid- conversation when the El rumbles overhead: the Frankford Pause. We hope that the park will provide a place for people to stop and congregate during their busy days. 

As a flexible open space, the park will serve as venue for gatherings and celebrations, and will provide much needed social space along the corridor. With a performance stage, open lawn, and a vegetable garden, the Frankford Pause supports a wide range of community activities. As an interactive art environment, the park design uses bold colors and sound activated lighting to create a totally unique experience that cannot be had anywhere else in the city.



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