Creativity Lives Here: Ekvnv Yefolecvlke

October 1, 2019

By: ArtPlace America

In this film Marcus Briggs Cloud, and some incredibly sweet children introduce us to the amazing work going on in their community of Indigenous Maskoke persons who are reclaiming some of their ancestral homelands in what is now Weogufka, AL.

Through a number of collaborations, they are re-introducing animals to the bioregion, growing vegetables to contribute to the health of the community and to reawaken traditional arts practices, including language revitalization and women’s medicinal practices, in an effort to improve health outcomes for the community.

In rural Weogufka, Alabama, a reclamation of Indigenous Maskoke land and establishment of an eco-village is taking place. The collective is committed to embracing the role of protecting and reviving traditional relationships to the earth while revitalizing language and culture. On January 12, 2018, Ekvnv Yefolecvlke became official “land owners” of 577 acres of Alabama woods.

One young member of the group said, “Our settling in has been full of welcoming feelings from our ancestors and the sacredness of the land, and surprises from many external factors. The entire process of Indigenous Peoples searching for their ancestral land to purchase was sometimes comical, difficult, and a lengthy process. There were a lot of twists and turns, but ultimately it provided everyone in our community the opportunity to reflect on our current life positions, our ancestors’, and our future generations’. From the minute we stood in front of the Weogufka creek that flows through this land, we knew this was home. It is in fact a village site once inhabited our ancestors prior to forced removal in 1836.  It brings us all immense joy and humility to return.

When I see my little cousins laughing and running through the fields where our ecovillage and ceremonial life will be, I feel overwhelmed with hope and love. When I see the elders imagining their lives here, and experiencing the same warmth from the ones before us, my heart is whole. We are ready for the work ahead of us.”


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