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Have you ever wanted to make a great video explaining your work to future and current supporters but didn’t have the money or know how? Have you wondered how to get great content for your social media channels?

We’ve got you covered! We’ve developed a brand new free iPhone app and are running a new campaign CREATIVITY LIVES HERE to collect stories from across the country about how arts and culture can be used to tackle challenges in your communities.

Make your own short video on our easy-to-use, free DIYdocs app on your phone about how you are using arts and culture to address challenges in your community. Your video will be added to the growing collection of other stories around the country to form an incredible tapestry that begins to tell the story and stories of creative placemaking.

CREATIVITY LIVES HERE is a collection of (grassroots and homegrown) stories of creative placemakers across the country. Powered by DIYDocs, a do-it-yourself film-making tool, stories are shared in 1.5 minute self-recorded films to feature the places, faces, and stories of creative placemaking that are often untold.

Here are just a few of the stories shot so far- and you can check out the growing collection on our ARTPLACE YouTube channel.


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