Share Your Story in the CREATIVITY LIVES HERE campaign!

ArtPlace is launching a year-long digital storytelling campaign to showcase the people and places behind creative community development.

We’re going to share these stories across our social media platforms, and many of our friends and partners are ready to do the same.

The only thing missing is YOUR STORY.

All you need is an iPhone, the DIYdoc App, and a story about how arts and culture is helping address a challenge or opportunity in your community. From there, enlist a friend to help, or shoot the video yourself through the app and add your voice to the growing collection of grassroots stories from across the United States.

 Check out some of the stories that have been collected so far on our ARTPLACE YouTube channel.


Add your story to the collection: Get started by making a video!

Download the DIYDoc app
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Download the FAQs and How-to Guides here! (1.19GB)