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In the weekend preceding the election that revealed such division in our nation, a group of arts administrators – students, teachers, and professionals – gathered together for the Arts Administration Symposium at Indiana University Bloomington’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs. The Symposium is an opportunity to bring together those with a stake in arts and culture to discuss and reflect upon its importance, its impact, and its current situation.
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A new position at ArtPlace America, the Managing Editor will be responsible for implementing a content and publishing strategy as developed in partnership with Director of Communications. S/he will plan, create, edit, and publish a variety of rich content across multiple platforms, with key audiences in mind. In addition to managing overall website content, s/he will develop creative ways to share the inspiring stories of people working at the intersection of arts, culture, and equitable community planning. The Managing Editor is a full-time position, reporting to the Director of Communications.
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It’s not every day that we get the chance to take a road trip out to the Midwest. Last month, three of our team members (Leila Tamari, Program Officer; F. Javier Torres, Director of National Grantmaking; and Adam Erickson, Director of Communications) made the trek westward to visit three ArtPlace funded projects in-person. After checking out Lake Street Arts! in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we set off for Juxtaposition Arts in North Minneapolis, just three miles away.
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Recently, three of our team members (Leila Tamari, Program Officer; F. Javier Torres, Director of National Grantmaking; and Adam Erickson, Director of Communications) traveled to the Midwest to check out the work of three ArtPlace funded projects in-person. These site visits give us the chance to contextualize the work our partners do by letting us see them in action within their own communities. Our first stop was a visit with Lake Street Arts! in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Anyone and everyone interested in learning about how you can be supported to creatively make change in your community! Artists, arts organizations, designers, community developers, planners, city and town administrators, community residents, business owners, faith and religious groups, philanthropists, and more are invited to learn more about arts-based strategies to community development. The National Creative Placemaking Fund will fund anyone regardless of tax-exempt status.
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We are pleased to announce the Bush Foundation has joined as our newest partner foundation. For over 60 years, the Foundation has been encouraging individuals and organizations to think bigger and think differently about what is possible in communities across Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and the 23 Native nations that share the same geographic area. The Foundation invests in great ideas and the people that power them. Arts, culture, and creativity are core to the Foundation’s goal to “inspire, equip and connect” people and organizations, recognizing that art can help people think bigger and think differently.
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Adam joins us as our new Director of Communications, and he will focus on sharing the stories and knowledge we gain through our three lines of work — National Creative Placemaking Fund, Community Development Investments, and Research — with the purpose of growing and strengthening the community of practitioners who are bringing arts and culture into the community planning and development space. From 2013 to 2016, Adam was the Senior Program Manager at the Aspen Institute Arts Program, where he brought together leading voices from a variety of sectors...
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ArtPlace is looking for a Grants Manager and Administrative Associate. Position duties include: Reporting to the Managing Director, the Grants and Administrative Associate is a full time position who will manage their time efficiently and effectively to support all lines of work at ArtPlace, with a special focus on operations and grantmaking. Database Management and Maintenance (the National Creative Placemaking Fund (NCPF) is currently managed in FLUXX): Manage process to design and maintain FLUXX forms, including future iterations of the NCPF open call and full proposal forms, interim and final reports for grantees, and associated email notifications through reviewing and approving Fluxx Advanced Services designs.
This past June and July, we visited 79 finalists selected for the sixth round of National Creative Placemaking Fund. In this post, we wanted to share some photos from the breathtaking landscapes we got to experience across this country. Stay tuned in the coming weeks to read more about what we learned during their travels! These images are just a quick snap shot of some of the beautiful landscapes we travelled. There were many more that we simply didn’t have the time to take photos of given all the jet-setting and long drives we had! We look forward to sharing more about what we learned and some of the questions we are left with from our site visits in our next blog post. Stay tuned!
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I recently had the opportunity to enjoy Jen Kinney’s article reviewing Michael DeFilippo’s photo essay recognizing the alignment of his 60th birthday with that of the 60th birthday of the U.S. interstate highway system. This article, punctuated by Mr. DeFilippo’s striking photos and quotes, were a stark reminder of many of the communities we have visited over the last two years. Many of these places continue to suffer generational marginalization and disinvestment because of the sometimes unintentional, and, as Roberto Bedoya recently reminded us in this post on A Blade of Grass’ website the, at times, very intentional decisions to divide communities across this beautiful country.