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ArtPlace America was a ten year collaboration among a number of foundations, federal agencies, and financial institutions that operated between 2010 and 2020. Our mission was to position arts and culture as a core sector of community planning and development.
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In the ten years of ArtPlace, we have thoughtfully attempted to move with equity towards justice. We know that the true strength of the field isn’t about ArtPlace, it comes from the millions of acts of coordinated care through the folks with whom we’ve been privileged enough to work. It’s the real people doing real work that is worthy of celebration. The year 2020 happens to be the final year of ArtPlace, and more importantly a year of acknowledgement and reckoning.
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As of last week ArtPlace has released research findings in all ten sectors of ArtPlace’s Community Development Matrix. Over the past few months, we have been quietly laying the foundation for one final resource that we are delighted to share today. The Role of Arts and Culture in Equitable Community Development: A Visual Analysis is a comprehensive analysis that cuts across all ten sectors, presented through an interactive infographic.
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Following closely on the heels of our community wealth building research published yesterday, ArtPlace is thrilled to release our tenth and final cross-sector field scan focused on arts, culture, and youth development. Authored by our partners at Creative Generation, "Centering Creative Youth in Community Development: A Creative Placemaking Field Scan" builds on the incredible depth and breadth of evidence that exists in the fields of arts education and creative youth development.
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Alongside the release of ArtPlace’s economic development sector research, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Common Future, a national community wealth building network that will deepen the arts, culture, and community wealth building field in 2021 and beyond. Here we excerpt Common Future’s ‘Invitation to Action’ from our newly published field scan, “Building Community Wealth through Arts, Culture, and Equitable Development.”
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We are excited to announce the relaunch of communitydevelopment.art, with new briefs, videos, and new resources that examine the intersection of arts, culture, and equitable development!
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Lynn Osgood, Executive Director of Civic Arts, dives deep into the question of how arts and cultural strategies can become structurally integrated into the work that local governments do. And how this collective work has resulted in some new fruits, and some new resources and opportunities that are now available.
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Artists play a critical role in finding creative solutions to community issues. They exist in all our communities, yet they may be overlooked as leaders in a place. In our partnership with ioby we collaborated on the Artists Lead! program supports people with great ideas to make positive change to community needs. Georgia Silvera Seamans' project was part of the match funding program between ArtPlace and ioby. Here she talks about her project; Minetta Creatures.
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April Fitzpatrick, a native of Jackson, MS, is a visual artist, art therapist, and founder and CEO of Pineapples with Purpose, LLC. She provides Black communities that have limited or no mental and emotional wellness resources with accessible art techniques to tell their stories and support their wellness. She stops by the ArtPlace blog to chat about inviting and centering community voices by intentionally increasing the use of art and symbolism to access the core of trauma.
Several exciting new resources are now available as part of the collaboration between ArtPlace America and NASAA, Strengthening the State Arts Agency Support System for Creative Placemaking. Together, these three resources provide a previously unavailable articulation of the many ways in which state arts agencies support creative placemaking, and how practitioners can better access public resources for creative placemaking projects.
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