ZERO1 Garage

ZERO1: The Art & Technology Network

Funding Received: 2011
San Jose, CA
Funding Period: 1 year and 5 months
October 17, 2011

Joel Slayton, Executive Director of ZERO1, discusses the fortuitous path his organization has taken, and how it places them well for the next big step of establishing a permanent gallery space and offices:

Not all those who wander are lost. -- J. R. R. Tolkien

Getting to the Garage

It’s been 11 fascinating years since ZERO1’s founding.  Like any organization, we’ve experienced great successes and great challenges.  Over the last few years, the path we’ve travelled has been shaped by the significant economic and culture shifts taking place around the globe.

However, in the midst of the economic downturn, and its incumbent dwindling resources, we were inspired to look for the opportunities rather than lament the challenges. The ZERO1 Garage is a result of cultivating that perspective and represents the next step in our evolution. Seeded by an ever-present vision to bring artists and technologists together to question, explore, and play with the “possibilities”, The ZERO1 Garage, where principles of artistic creativity are applied to real world innovation challenges, seeks to achieve three important goals: placemaking for San Jose that mirrors the innovation and creativity of the region, fostering a more resilient world and ZER01’s long term sustainability.

The ArtPlace initiative has made the ZERO1 Garage possible.  The excitement internally and amongst our supporters is palpable.  We look forward to sharing our progress, bumps in the road, and results over the next year as we navigate the zigs and zags that shape our trajectory to success.

-Joel Slayton