Upper Peninsula Power of Words Project and Cultural Economic Development Strategy

Central Upper Peninsula Planning and Development

Funding Received: 2016
Escanaba, MI
Funding Period: 2 years and 11 months

If you were to elect ONE WORD that defines your vision for the future of your community what would it be?  This will be the question throughout the six county region CUPPAD serves, expanding The Power of Words Project developed by Mia Tavonatti in what we hope will be eventually be throughout the entire 15- county Upper Peninsula. These words are seeds that define and inspire growth and focus for the community as the "chosen word" becomes a unified, shared community vision. Mia Tavonatti, two-time Art Prize winner and internationally known professional mural team then works side by side with local artists and scholarship students to create murals inspired by each community’s chosen WORD. In addition to revitalizing communities in a meaningful way with monumental works of public art and enabling local creatives, the POWP seeks to inspire a sense of ownership by engaging these communities and creating a tapestry of conversation which will lead to a greater understanding of and appreciation for the Arts and its value to society. The value-add benefits also paves the way for new and emerging leaders to become more involved in ways they never knew possible while transforming their towns into what is envisioned as destination-quality places worthy of travelling far and wide to visit. 


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