Temporary Contemporary

Friends of the Bass Museum, Inc. d/b/a Bass Museum of Art

Funding Received: 2012
Miami Beach, FL
Funding Period: 1 year and 5 months
March 1, 2013

For this unique tc: temporary contemporary project, the Bass Museum of Art commissioned LA-based artist T. Kelly Mason to create an inventive project for our Members Magazine, a booklet we publish three times each year. Normally a way to communicate our upcoming exhibitions and events to our members, our latest issue will have interventions on various pages by Mason.

This project will take the form of post-it note images that add commentary to several of the pages in the Members Magazine. For instance, in pages that explain part of our collection—here, our mummy sarcophagus—Mason adds notes that meditate on the specific object. Of the sarcophagus, he asks “Can an object’s purpose reflect our own” and “Does the purpose of an object affect our enjoyment of the thing,” offering questions that viewers may have who are actually seeing the mummy on display.

By bringing such questions to the pages of a Members Magazine, Mason is staging an artistic intervention in a place where one would not expect it. While readers of this magazine may expect to see images of works from our collection, these questions here help to challenge reader’s engagement with such works.