Silent Lights

Urban Matter Inc.

Funding Received: 2013
Brooklyn, NY
Funding Period: 1 year and 5 months
July 23, 2013


During this past month our team has coordinated with our metal fabricator to build the structures of the first three gates of our installation. Meanwhile, we have been working on the internal light boxes that will be placed inside each of these gates. Our focus right now is on the functionality and technology of the night schematics, ensuring the lights work in tandem and provide a sense of movement as they respond to the sounds of surrounding traffic noise. The first gate will be lit by two custom-fabricated acrylic light boxes outfitted by an Arduino microprocessor connecting 256 LEDs. We have been experimenting with different LED programs which will act as the visualization of the noise pollution on site. We are gearing up for first site-specific test installation with the New York City Dep. of Transportation.

Recent Wins

- Completed fabrication of the first three gates
- Completed programming of the light boxes for the first gate.
- Began conversations with Red Hook Initiative about technology workshops with local teens.


While creating educational workshops for teens from low-income backgrounds, how can we present new technology in such a way that captures their attention and drives an increased desire to learn more while simultaneously remaining valid and relevant in their current lives? What are we offering in these workshops that will inspire them to build and create within their own community?