Rainforest Theatre Festival

Perseverance Theatre, Inc

Funding Received: 2013
Douglas, AK
Funding Period: 1 year and 5 months
August 10, 2013


At Perseverance Theatre, there is a buzz about our planned Summer Theatre Festival for 2014 supported by Artplace. It’s exciting to have made some preliminary decisions on the programming in terms of the shows we will do. We’ve been looking at incorporating into the programing at least one living writer and having that writer in-residence to help with the workshop and training components of the program. We’ve been in contact with a variety of writers and Art Rotch, Executive Artistic Director, will be looking to make a decision shortly.

There has been much planning and looking to create a calendar of deadlines. As far off as next summer feels, the world of cultural tourism we will be expanding into begins now. We are looking to find the right questions to be asking and working through the planning stages: calendars, contact databases and production needs are just a few of the things we are working on at the moment.

Recent Wins

* Working with the four Alaska Artplace grantees to send out a combined press release and seeing that work manifest into nice coverage in the state newspapers.

* Preliminary meetings with the local university to work towards building a partnership of collaboration on the training components of our initiative.

* Hired our Summer Theatre Festival Producer who will be project leader responsible for coordination, planning, strategy and implementation.

Question for the community

One thing that’s certainly been coming up for us as we look to make a theatre festival, inclusive of a three-show rotating repertory, new play development and training of artists, is how do we measure the impact and value to the community? Does this go beyond attendance and box office numbers? If we impact/move one person a night with our work, is that enough? In essence, how large does the community of supporters for the work have to be to have a resonant impact?