RADAR L.A. Festival & Residencies


Funding Received: 2013
Los Angeles, CA
Funding Period: 1 year and 5 months
August 29, 2013


Visiting artists are arriving this week for the final phase of their collaborative residencies with Los Angeles-based artists, and the Radar L.A. Festival program has been announced, with passes and tickets on sale now. Advance excitement is building, thanks to coverage in the L.A. Times, L.A. Weekly, American Theatre Magazine and many other online outlets and community newspapers.

The full program for the Festival, which opens September 24, 2013, is available at: www.redcat.org

 Recent Boosts:

-       Additional partners are joining the community-wide effort, and some exciting new venues have been added to the mix of festival locations:

-       MOCA Los Angeles, the Museum of Contemporary Art, will co-host performances of a contemporary puppetry and performance work by Dennis Cooper and Gisele Vienne.

-       The Million Dollar Theater, one of the first movie palaces to be opened in Los Angeles (in 1918!) is to be the site of performances by Mexico City’s Teatro De Ciertos  Habitantes.

-       The re-vitalized Grand Central Market is going to be a location for Mariano Pensotti’s installation-based project “Sometimes I think, I Can See You”.

The professional symposium September 26 and 27 will focus on interdisciplinary approaches to creating new performances – but it will also explore the impact that the performing arts can have on a neighborhood. The term “creative placemaking” will be discussed, and we hope to find a way for that conversation to be both local and universal; many of our panelists and speakers are from outside of Los Angeles (and the U.S.), yet a large part of the focus of our ArtPlace America project is specific to the downtown Los Angeles neighborhoods we are activating with residencies and festival events. We hope to find a way to ensure that the conversation investigates our local efforts in depth, yet also helps symposium attendees to think about ways that their work in other countries and regions affects the growth and development of their neighborhoods.

We are excited to welcome so many audience members, artists and colleagues to the festival events. We hope that they will be stimulated by the performances, discussions and workshops, and that the event will have long-term and long-distance impact.