Queens Art Express

Queens Council on the Arts

Funding Received: 2011
Queens, NY
Funding Period: 1 year and 5 months
December 26, 2011

For QAX 2012, the Queens Council on the Arts will commission multidisciplinary teams of artists to address the question, "What If Artists Decided Public Policy?" The teams will create new work to focus on issues of Housing, Healthcare, the Economy, and more.  QCA’s goal is to help build a creative citizens class, and make a seat for artists at policy tables.

QAX 2012 is being co-developed and produced by The Tate Group, a NYC-based consulting firm that specializes in strategic planning, strategic marketing, cultural initiatives and economic development.  The firm is led by Brian Tate, a marketing strategist with unique experience in helping clients advance issues of culture, community and commerce.  He is former executive director of the DC Committee to Promote Washington, a nonprofit organization that marketed the Nation's Capital around the world and generated $93 million per year in city revenues. Since relocating to New York City in 2001, his clients have included Brooklyn Tourism, The Guggenheim Museum, the NYC Economic Development Corporation, and others

Initiatives that Brian has created or co-produced include: Curate NYC, a citywide showcase and online platform that builds career opportunities for visual artists, attracting 1,200 entries in 2010 and 1,500 entries in 2011; the Full Spectrum Panel Discussion Series, that explores complex social issues through a lens of arts and culture; "Bed-Stuy and Proud of It", a marketing strategy that received a $150,000 Arts & Enterprise grant from Deutsche Bank; the Brooklyn, NY Official Destination Marketing Strategy; Taste of DC, an outdoor city showcase that drew 1 million people per year; and other projects, from the Dark Harvest Film Festival to the Brooklyn New Music Festival, that promote cultural and economic development.

Brian combines a unique understanding of communities, business, and artists with a passion for uniting audiences around issues of substance.  We’re excited to work with him on QAX 2012.