LuigART Makers Spaces

North Limestone Community Development Corporation / LexArts

Funding Received: 2013
Lexington, KY
Funding Period: 1 year and 5 months
December 4, 2013

"Lexington" by Odeith

Construction is finally getting underway for the LuigART Makers Spaces!

With a steep discount on materials courtesy of Home Depot, we’ll be starting construction on 138 York St, which will be our first house sold as part of the project. In addition, our first artist-in-residence, Rachel Hockenberry, director of the NoLi MusicWorks, will be finally moving into her house on York St. as well.

This month, Lexington hosted its third annual PRHBTN festival, which is a celebration of art forms that have been maligned by society. Among the various events were two that we’re really excited to share. First - the Lexington Tattoo Project finally unveiled the complete image of all the tattoos combined! If you don’t know about the Tattoo Project, here’s the quick rundown: an artist duo from Transylvania University--Kurt Gohde and Kremena Todorova - commissioned a love song to Lexington from an area poet, and had portions of it tattooed on over 200 Lexingtonians. Surrounding the words on each person were small circles, that, when combined, formed an image that was tattooed on a mystery person. The image, finally revealed, is a giant circle with a 4, representative of KY-4 the connector highway that surrounds Lexington. The NoLi CDC is happy to be a sponsor of the Tattoo Project.

PRHBTN also brought several muralists to town--including famed Portugese street artist Odeith, who put up a fantastic mural in our neighborhood.

Recent Wins
-- Through a continuing partnership between us and the school, the University of Kentucky Department of Community Leadership and Development will begin holding classes in our neighborhood.

-- Seedleaf, in partnership with the North Limestone Neighborhood Association, is beginning the fundraising process to expand the free, u-pick North Pole Community Garden.

We’re running up against an issue where people tend to lump us in with for-profit real estate developers that are doing work in the area. How do you strongly distinguish yourself, and the work you do, from others in the eye of the greater city?