Springboard for the Arts

Funding Received: 2011
St. Paul, MN
Funding Period: 1 year and 5 months
September 23, 2011

Cooking up place with artists

As we launch Irrigate, Springboard would like to offer a recipe based on this past summer’s work with 10 placemaking artists and two neighborhoods exploring the meaning of streets, public space, arts and community.

An artist-led, creative, place-full summer (suitable for main course)


  • Artists - 10, of varying backgrounds ideal
  • Placemaking concepts - a healthy dash for inspiration
  • Collaboration tools - a pinch for confidence
  • Neighborhood interests – a big handful
  • Food and supplies - whatever you can conjure up…think Stone Soup
  • Block hosts - 1 resident host+ per block
  • Residents - the more, the yummier



In advance

  1. In a large, heat-safe bowl, immerse artists in placemaking concepts, collaboration tools, and neighborhood interests.
  2. Let soak for a few days, stirring the mixture every so often until ideas ripen and take shape.
  3. Add supplies and food as requested – artists can absorb whatever you give them.
  4. Have block hosts spread the word thickly.


On party day

  1. Arrange block parties with block hosts to create an environment of learning and play.
  2. Spread artists and their creative placemaking projects on the streets.
  3. Throw in residents and stir well.  A little lumpy is ok.
  4. Garnish generously with more food.
  5. Sit back and see what happens.



As many as show up!