City of Springfield, Missouri

Funding Received: 2013
Springfield, MO
Funding Period: 1 year and 5 months
February 28, 2014

Three Figures, Six Arms – wire mesh artist 3-D rendering by Russ RuBert

3D scanning was a focus for February’s idea exploration at the ideaXfactory. Using customized systems with his hand-held scanner to input data to a laptop, sculptor Russ RuBert scanned live models in unique poses, gathering thousands of information points to re-map into three-dimensional figures inside virtual space.


Marsha Boone and Russ RuBert study a 3-D rendering

The information can be re-constructed into wire mesh figures, solid forms, color or abstract re-constructions.


3-D rendering of Marsha by Russ RuBert

The figures can be rotated in virtual space, and projected for larger viewing using our new wireless network.


Evangel College art and communications students watch 3-D projections

Individual poses progressed to group poses -- which are not being done anywhere else that we know of. Part of which the challenge was collaborating to create a dynamic pose that the group could collaborate to hold for the five to ten minutes required for scanning.


Four Thinkers pose – artist 3-D rendering by Russ RuBert

Part of the fun of the experience was to create a group story to define the pose, and the story could change or develop over the period of scanning and rendering.


Inge Chiles playing the ukulele


Inge Chiles instagrams her 3-D figure

Recent Wins
-- 417 Magazine editors named the ideaXfactory the Best Ever-Changing Art Destination in its February 2014 issue: “We love the non-stop creativity that goes on at the ideaXfactory  ( This contemporary art space is housed in the IDEA Commons and sponsors non-traditional art projects and art installations.”
-- At the end of January, Springfield Public Works completely removed the out-dated restrooms in the ideaXfactory. To make room for the construction, Art of Space cut its Woven Lignon installation in half, leaving a partial enclosure for viewing in the front half of the gallery.


Back to the bare bones in preparation for new restrooms

Starting over from scratch, the city workers began constructing two new handicapped-accessible restrooms with new fixtures, flanked by a kitchen counter and storage area with a new mop sink.


The new kitchen sink and cabinet were put use almost immediately!

All these amenities were sorely needed for special events and day-to-day activities inside the gallery!

-- Our neighborhood in the IDEA Commons continues to show steady growth and redevelopment. One neighbor, Revel Advertising has expanded into new, larger offices and is currently hosting a strong exhibition of large paintings by Drury University professor and graduate art program advisor Tom Parker. Obelisk Home is another creative neighbor that specializes in home design, furniture and fine art and is currently exhibiting a colorful show of paintings by Stephanie Cramer.


Stephanie Cramer paintings on display in the Obelisk Home gallery

These ongoing creative, experimental and artistic events are re-defining the urban spaces in the IDEA Commons, attracting people of all ages -- especially college students and young professionals. What we hear repeatedly from college graduates who choose to stay or choose to return to Springfield is that ours is a community where young people feel like they can make a difference.

Since the ideaXfactory and IDEA Commons are located in close proximity to several center city university campuses, we need to find more ways to connect and collaborate with these students, graduates, and faculty.

An example of this spirit of creative entrepreneurship is budding at neighboring Lemondrop where three young professionals are making plans for a new formal gallery space. Formerly a hacker space, the three have reorganized the working artist and common area spaces to make room for a larger gallery.


From left to right: Kevin Ehlers, a Missouri State University entertainment management graduate, handles musical bookings and plans repeat events such as Trivia Night, Comedy and Open Mic Night. Adam Grosbach is a Drury University Architecture graduate who is currently designing and selling furniture from upcycled materials. Andrew Metzil is an I.T. specialist at Ozarks Technical College who also designs and builds showroom furniture and displays from upcycled materials.