Green Streets

Citizen Film

Funding Received: 2014
Bay Area, CA
Funding Period: 1 year and 5 months

Citizen Film is working closely with waste-management entrepreneurs in low-income neighborhoods in San Francisco, Oakland and Richmond, CA to tell their stories, speak the truth about waste, beautify public housing communities and mobilize many thousands of residents to recycle and compost for the first time. By showing documentary stories and organizing discussions with property managers, community leaders, public officials and policy makers, the Green Streets community engagement and storytelling project secures contracts and creates jobs, reducing landfill waste by 50% in the communities it serves. Each new Green Streets worker recycles approximately 20,000 gallons of waste per month, and becomes a steward of his or her community.

In neighborhoods plagued by drugs and turf conflicts, enterprising young men and women who used to think they were unemployable are becoming beacons of hope.

Citizen Film and Green Streets have been building relationships in the Western Addition neighborhood for five years, using storytelling as a way to convene residents. A grant from ArtPlace America afforded the chance to expand this work, catalyzing a community-driven park activation project in the Buchanan Mall. Read more about our collaboration here:



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