Fairmount Cultural Corridor

Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative

Funding Received: 2014
Roxbury, Dorchester, , MA
Funding Period: 1 year and 5 months

The Fairmount Cultural Corridor is a creative placemaking initiative that combines collaborative efforts of residents, artists, community organizations and businesses to support vibrant, livable neighborhoods along the Fairmount Commuter Line, made stronger through an active local creative economy.  The Fairmount Cultural Corridor is designed to advance a vision that draws upon the local cultural assets and ethnic traditions of the Corridor’s residents. 

The effort started with an Upham’s Corner pilot that encouraged vibrant cultural economic activity through placemaking interventions such as interactive public art installations, outdoor markets, and complementary business activity around the Upham’s Corner Fairmount train stop and anchored by the historic Strand Theatre.   With support from Artplace America and other local and national funders, the initiative has recently expanded to include the Four Corners neighborhood, with plans to connect with creative placemaking efforts all along the Corridor.  DSNI serves as the lead partner for the initiative.


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