Creational Trails

The Greater Milwaukee Committee

Funding Received: 2013
Milwaukee, WI
Funding Period: 1 year and 5 months
March 19, 2014

Over the last month the W. Wisconsin Ave portion of the Creational Trails project has made some significant progress. Much of our recent work has been a vetting process with an architecture firm and a select group of artists that are assisting with further critiques and assessments of the Tournavation winners. After numerous vetting sessions our dream-catcher project has transformed from a series of bungees connecting to buildings to a series of lasers that will create the appearance of dream-catchers projected along Wisconsin Ave.

The change in engineering of the dream catcher project is a huge win for the avenue. Reinventing the physical installation to become a light installation has saved the project financial resources that can now be redirected into additional temporary programming that can activate the W. Wisconsin Ave trail.


Recent Wins
Following the critiquing process of the second finalist project, the Moiré Pavilion, the project has found another win. This project is designed to act as a place for bike parking, market or pop up shopping and pop up performances. The temporary structure takes form as a pavilion influenced by the Moiré Effect, a pattern that occurs when two parallel sets of lines rotate by only a few degrees to create an interference pattern which both complex, yet immediately understandable. The pavilion will invite patrons to experience the street instead of walking through it.

Another success for the project extends beyond our own trail in the downtown area. Due to the work on the W. Wisconsin Ave and all the media attention that the Tournavation process was given other property owners started taking notice. A parking structure that is less than 7 blocks from the W. Wisconsin Ave trail contacted us in hopes to activate their parking lot space in and outside of the lot with a place-making project. The owner has offered up to $30,000 for the project and has agreed to help fund raise additional projects that will help with safety, brand identify and art quality.

Lessons Learned:
The Tournavation selection process is the creation an arts marketing platform. Due to the network that was built and the place-making selection process we will able to bridge the gap between business and arts. This allows for unlikely partnerships and has continued for business marketing dollars to be funneled into the arts because of the value they bring to a place and we are helping to highlight these kinds of opportunities in our city and along the W. Wisconsin Avenue trail.