Collinwood Rising

Northeast Shores Development Corporation

Funding Received: 2012
Cleveland, OH
Funding Period: 1 year and 5 months
July 30, 2013


The creative spirit is becoming more prominent in North Collinwood and we couldn’t be more pleased! Continuous ingenuity within the community and the resulting camaraderie that’s forming between residents is bringing about a wonderful change in the neighborhood. From The Waterloo Arts Fest, art gallery installations, a new community sculpture garden and pocket park, our Walk all over Waterloo series and prepping for our upcoming Welcome to Cleveland weekend, art is alive and definitely kicking up a fuss!

Recent Wins

1. Arts Collinwood (soon to be Waterloo Arts) hosted another successful Summer Arts Bash on June 29th. The Waterloo Arts Fest had a tremendous turnout. Attendees were engaged throughout the day and participated in fun events while listening to tantalizing music from local bands that hailed from 5 stages. Attractions included art vendors, street art installations, local food vendors, giant puppets and stilt walkers, hula hoop dancing, painting workshops, chalk drawing for kids (and the young at heart), pony rides and more. According to comments from several past attendees, this was the best festival yet. Stay tuned!

2. A local sculptor is working to transform a vacant house into an exciting new center for installation art. The home was secured by Northeast Shores and will feature the faces of the community pasted to an exterior plywood surface. The Xeroxed images of “community members at large” will be captured at neighborhood copy-jam parties at Collinwood events/venues that will encourage participation and feedback regarding the conception of “The Town Hall of Art” a soon-to-be interactive art space.

3. Waterloo's first park (Waterloo Sculpture Garden) has been completed. The garden will feature local professional artists, as well as regional artists, while still showcasing the sculpture departments of local universities. In the same vein, our beautiful pocket park project has received favorable responses from our residents. The small park features a walking path, radiant flowers, fruit trees, places to sit and play, and murals and sculptures from local artists. With the generous support of ArtPlace, the newly opened park will provide an outdoor space where neighborhood residents can intermingle and enjoy the good weather and natural beauty.


Northeast Shores remains dedicated to continuing our mission and goal of making our neighborhood one of the strongest artist communities in the country. By joining forces with community leaders, business merchants, artists and residents; and incorporating artists into the community; and forming relationships with non-artists, political figures and law enforcement, we strive to improve the quality of life for residents while creating an enjoyable atmosphere/experience for visitors alike.

The key to success is acknowledging the value of insight that is contributed by the community as a whole. Building on and marketing assets, drawing upon strengths and continuing to seek out opportunities for funding is crucial to any non-profit organization. In spite of economic pressures and the challenges of maintaining financial support, it is the responsibility of everyone to work, collectively, to address community issues…..with team work, anything is possible.