Bright Art Paths: Create, Engage, Inspire

Bright Art Paths

Funding Received: 2016
Detroit, MI
Funding Period: 2 years and 5 months

Bright Art Paths unites artists and residents in a series of community curated artistic residencies, educational installations, workshops, classes, performances and creative-play adventures in order to promote health, vitality and creative expression in the Brightmoor community. 

The partners of Bright Art Paths include The Brightmoor Alliance, the Cross Pollination Corridor, Sidewalk Detroit and the Superhero Training Academy. Together, they will employ their current programs and facilities to solidify infrastructure for planned arts activities.

The Bright Art Paths project partners will execute initiatives along a walkable, one-mile pathway that employs the arts to convert community space into a series of interconnected holistic engagement sites with creative activities. These activities include:

  • SideTrails Artist Residency Program, pairs artists with community members and organizations to design and implement a series of creative park improvement projects, classes, performances and workshops in Brightmoor's Eliza Howell Park.
  • *The Superhero Training Academy (STA) will turn vacant lots into a Mythic Adventure Playspace, empowering youth and families through creative play, performance activities, art therapy, outdoor adventure courses and annual Superhero Olympics festivals.
  • The Cross-Pollination Corridor (CPC) will transform a blighted dead-end street with locally-designed Honey Bee and Butterfly Educational Centers, meditative and creative flower gardens to complement the existing community tea house.


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