Bridging DC: Arts and Civic Interventions at the 11th Street Bridge Park

11th Street Bridge Park (a project of Building Bridges Across the River) & Washington Performing Arts

Funding Received: 2015
Washington, DC
Funding Period: 1 year and 5 months

11th Street Bridge Park and Washington Performing Arts have received an award of $250,000 from ArtPlace America, to support community-driven East of the River arts programming and the continued work of transforming an old freeway into a new civic space over the Anacostia River.

The ArtPlace partnership builds on the rich resources and networks of two essential D.C. organizations. The 11th Street Bridge Park draws on its extensive community outreach and consultative process, anchored by more than 500 stakeholder meetings for design development and impact. Washington Performing Arts will leverage its long-term Ward 8 arts education programs rooted in the DC Public Schools; its robust collaborations with national and local partners including THEARC; and its innovative artist-centered Mars Urban Arts Initiative, which engages local communities and cultivates artistic talent. 

Program content will be collaboratively developed with the community of artists and residents and may include public performances, school concerts and public storytelling workshops. Ultimately, this partnership strives to provide a comprehensive and varied platform to create and showcase arts and cultural programming for and by Ward 8 that will authentically reflect its robust neighborhoods, its singular identity and its diverse residents. 



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