Artes Pa'lante

Hyde Square Task Force

Funding Received: 2015
Boston, MA
Funding Period: 1 year and 5 months

Boston’s Latin Quarter, which occupies a square mile in Jamaica Plain, has been a predominately Latin community for decades. As new residents move in, Hyde Square Task Force has the challenge of preserving the neighborhood’s historic identity while simultaneously making newcomers feel welcome. Artes Pa’lante will ignite the Latin Quarter through planned, interactive, and spontaneous outdoor arts interventions that connect residents, multi-generational artists, and businesses with each other. Businesses will learn to better embrace the neighborhood’s changing demographics, increasing both economic vitality and social cohesion, and residents will engage in the planning efforts for the redevelopment of a local church as a cultural center.

To date:

  • We released a call for proposals for public art, and our youth, staff, and condo association committee is reviewing proposals
  • Our youth completed a series of workshops with a local artists to make beautiful tabletops, with the goal of establishing the first domino plaza in Boston's Latin Quarter 
  • This winter and spring, we have collaborated with countless artists. 
  • Youth held dance pop-ups around Latin Quarter to lead up to our showcase Art Week event, our Palladium Dance Showcase 
  • We will be participating in the Jamaica Plain Porchfest on July 9, 2016, and we have a great line-up for our porch: our youth leaders, two Boston citry artists, and youth from across Greater Boston.
  • Youth and local resident artists have been active on our planning committee for the Latin Quarter Fiesta in the fall. We have already booked our headliner, in addition to other acts. 
  • The Latin Quarter has received 24 press mentions across Greater Boston. 
  • We were thrilled that two city councillors, one state representative, and one state senator attended the  exciting kick-off to our eight-week our ¡Viva! Summer Series.
  • After our youth leaders lead a determined advocacy campaign, the Boston City Council voted unanimously to rename our neighborhood as Boston's Latin Quarter, and they are now advocating for the state to grant our neighborhood an offiicial cultural designations. 

Since the conclusion of our ArtPlace America grant, we continued to work with many Latin Quarter residents, business owners, artists, and other stakeholders, and in May of 2018 our neighborhood was officially designated as Boston's Latin Quarter cultural district by the Massachusetts Cultural Council! Building on this important recognition, we worked with a Latin Quarter Advisory Committee, a volunteer group which included residents, business owners, artists, representatives from the City of Boston, and other community members, to develop branding and a long-term plan for the neighborhood. 



See below for recent updates, press, and events from this project

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