Art on Main Street - Downtown Haines and Historic Fort Wm H. Seward Revitalization

Alaska Arts Confluence

Funding Received: 2014
Haines, AK
Funding Period: 2 years and 5 months

Haines, AK is a geographically isolated former lumber and mining community in Southeast Alaska. Attracted by the stunning natural beauty and enduring Tlingit culture, the town now has many non-Native as well as Native artists. Although Haines is home to Fort William H. Seward, which is a significant tourist destination for cruise ships, Main Street storefronts were vacant for decades, giving an impression of economic decline and resulting in disconnection from the tourism economy. Alaska Arts Confluence has proposed contributing to the interconnectivity of Fort Seward and Main Street, and the revitalization of downtown Haines by transforming vacant storefronts into active, well-lit art displays and by commissioning artists to create a sculpture garden and walking tour that reinterprets the dynamic story of the Fort.


See below for recent updates, press, and events from this project

Nov 22, 2016
The Fort Seward Sculpture Garden in Haines involves more than a dozen local artists. Each has their own vision of what they want to add... Read More
Sep 8, 2016
Haines ceramic artist Kerry Cohen recently finished installing a porcelain mosaic on the walls of the burnt-out Fort Seward Barracks. She drew inspiration from the... Read More
Aug 31, 2016
After taking a 30-year break from the craft, Haines artist Yuko Hays has spent the last two years rediscovering her passion for oil painting. Read More
Jul 7, 2016
Upper Klehini Valley artist Adrian Revenaugh is constructing a fiber arts piece inspired by history, landscape and personal experience. Read More
Jul 6, 2016
Haines is in the midst of an arts revival. I mean, we've always had a lot of artists, but thanks to Carol Tuynman and the... Read More
Jun 4, 2016
Haines hasn’t been known for its art scene, despite having more than 80 professional artists in a town of only 2,500. But the Alaska Arts... Read More
Dec 30, 2015
Working with 16 Haines artists and dozens of resident volunteers to conceive the idea for an ethnobotanical sculpture garden in the burnt out ruins of... Read More
Dec 28, 2015
An approximately 18 by six foot traditional Tlingit welcome figure is set to adorn Fort Seward. Haines artist Jim Heaton is carving the yellow cedar... Read More
Dec 7, 2015
When the tide is low on the Chilkat River, you can see a twisting, distinctive pattern of water, rocks and sand. Haines artist Megan Morehouse... Read More
Nov 19, 2015
Haines photographer John Hagen is doing something different as part of the Alaska Arts Confluence’s Fort Seward Interpretive project. He’s taken a panorama photograph of... Read More
Nov 16, 2015
Haines artist John Svenson has painted watercolors for years. But more recently, he started working on mosaics with his wife and fellow artist, Sharon. Now,... Read More
Sep 29, 2015
Katie Craney is using stencils to paint what she calls a ‘ghostly image’ of the past on boiler doors that have rusted over in the... Read More