NACEDA Communications Director Suzanne Gunther reflects on her experience of artistic engagement at People & Places 2019 and its value in advancing racial equity. NACEDA was a lead partner on this peer-learning conference that raised up local solutions to strengthen low-income places and advance racial equity. ArtPlace America and PolicyLink partnered with People & Places to embed arts-based experiences in the conference.
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Earlier this year, we asked ourselves, “Who are the people behind creative placemaking?” That question led to other questions, like “What drives them to do what they do?” and “How do they share the story of their community-based work?” From these questions sprung a series of video and blog interviews and our Creativity Lives Here storytelling campaign. Below we take a look at the many voices behind creative placemaking.
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As 2019 comes to a close we take a moment to look back at all the amazing partnerships, reports, announcements, new endeavors, and more released this year!
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On October 10th, 2019, Mike Scutari sat down with Jamie Bennett of ArtPlace America to discuss the creative placemaking field. Once viewed as a niche and misunderstood field, creative placemaking has evolved dramatically since ArtPlace America, a 10-year collaboration committed to positioning arts and culture as a core sector of community planning, set up shop in 2010.
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The National Accelerator for Cultural Innovation at Arizona State University’s Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts welcomed seven Practices for Change fellows from around the country to ASU’s Tempe campus this summer. The fellowship supports individuals with experience using arts, culture and design within other sectors — like housing, transportation, planning, justice and the environment — in order to build stronger, more equitable communities.
Detroit Action Strategist Rhiannon Chester
Ever since she was a teenager, former Detroit Action Strategist Rhiannon Chester has dedicated much of her energy to working for better public education, immigrant rights, affirmative action, economic justice, and LGBT youth in her native Detroit. After years of supporting others’ projects, Rhiannon led her first ioby campaign this past spring. Read about what she did, how it went, and the things she learned when the tables were turned!
Art enthusiasts view artwork of Wesley Fawcett Creigh at her exhibit.
Rural areas tend to lack opportunities that driven and talented young people seek, leading them instead to metro areas that provide more favorable economic and academic circumstances. One Minnesota organization working to buck that trend is Springboard for the Arts.
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Today, we are releasing a discussion guide designed for creative placemaking initiative partners to surface and develop agreement on a shared understanding of the underlying values in their work.
2016 POF Institute participant Emily Saba at a square dance in Carcassonne, KY. Photo Credit: Lafayette College/Clay Wegrzynowicz '18.
Performing Our Future (POF) is a national coalition of rural and urban communities working through culture to build a future where “everyone belongs and we own what we make.” Two POF leaders discuss how the group’s inherently collaborative identity informs its daily work and has fed its many accomplishments.
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Today, we’re thrilled to announce that seven colleges and universities across the United States are receiving nearly $2M to support creative placemaking teaching, learning, and research for undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs.