Advancing One Water Through Arts and Culture

June 28, 2018

By: US Water Alliance

June 28, 2018—Washington, DC—Today the US Water Alliance released an action-oriented blueprint for integrating arts and culture into sustainable water management.

The water sector needs new solutions and innovative collaborations to drive positive and lasting change in water management. Sharing the conviction that arts and culture strategies have the power to transform the way the nation views, values, and manages water, the US Water Alliance partnered with ArtPlace America to catalogue the best and brightest models and partnerships that are utilizing arts and culture to advance sustainable, integrated and equitable water management into this report, complete with in-depth case studies.

The report highlights the opportunities for arts and culture strategies to advance sustainable, integrated, and inclusive water management. The blueprint presents a framework that can demonstrate the myriad ways in which arts and culture strategies can be effective, focused on seven strategies for how arts and culture can:

  1. Help people understand and connect to water;
  2. Inform water resource planning with new perspectives;
  3. Engage communities in participatory processes;
  4. Build bridges across different sectors and stakeholder groups;
  5. Mitigate the disruptive effect of construction projects;
  6. Integrate water infrastructure into the fabric of a community; and
  7. Support community activism.


More than 30 real-world examples of effective projects and artistic collaborations are covered in the report. The US Water Alliance thanks the more than 40 contributors who lent time, talent, and expertise to the document, particularly the members of the project’s 21-member advisory group.

The entire blueprint is available online here.



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