2015 Creative Placemaking Summit Videos

ArtPlace America

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In our 2015 Grantee Summit we welcomed 300 grantees and partners to take part in two-and-a-half days of sharing, and learning. Below you will find all of our recorded videos and a brief description of each. In addition, you can click here for the blog post introducing this resource. 


Welcome Address
Jamie Bennett, ArtPlace America
Laura Sparks, The William Penn Foundation.


Community Mapping: A discussion on getting to know your community as a pre-condition to community planning and development work.
Hanmin Liu, Wildflowers Institute
Janet Seibert, City of Austin




Community Development Matrix: Thee artists share their sector-specific work as an introduction of the Community Development Matrix. 
Dan Borelli, Illuminating Futures
Amanda Newman, Dance Exchange
Roger Cummings, Juxtaposition Arts


Shift Happens: A conversation about the inherent messiness of community planning and development projects.
Susan Tate. Lawrence Arts Center
F. Javier Torres, ArtPlace America


How Arts Build Community: discussing Knight Foundation's Building Community Through Innovation in the Arts report.
Dennis Scholl, Knight Foundation
Laura Zabel, Springboard for the Arts


ArtPlace's New Lines of Work: an introduction of how we've been expanding our work, including the Community Development Investments.
Lyz Crane, ArtPlace America



Research: an overview of how ArtPlace is approaching this new line of work.
Jamie Hand, ArtPlace America
Lynn Osgood, GO collaborative
Maria Rosario Jackson, The Kresge Foundation
Victor Rubin, PolicyLink



Field Building: this is another new line of work for Artplace. Watch to learn more about the initiatives in store.
Prentice Onayemi, ArtPlace America.


Sustaining the Momentum: A discussion on what takes to sustainably incorporate arts & culture into the unfolding of a community.
Aviva Kapust, Village of Arts & Humanities
Mayor Michael Nutter, City of Philadelphia
Laura Sparks, The William Penn Foundation
Rip Rapson, The Kresge Foundation