ArtPlace believes that the higher education sector is an important participant in building the creative placemaking field. Developing the next generation of leaders and establishing a knowledge base is work that higher education institutions and those that work for these institutions are uniquely qualified to do. To that end, ArtPlace will be partnering with and supporting a variety of strategies that support institutions of higher education in the teaching and learning of future and current practitioners, research, leadership, convening, and as anchor institutions. 

Creative placemaking already shows up in a variety of higher education settings – including in arts and design schools, public policy schools, and in architecture and urban planning programs – and the work is called by many different names, including social and civic practice art, art and public action, arts and communities.  ArtPlace is interested in all of those settings (and more) and is agnostic about what the work is called. Current and next generation practitioners do and will hold a variety of degrees as they work toward equitable, sustainable, and healthy community outcomes using arts and culture strategies.

Our partnerships with higher education institutions hope to achieve the following outcomes: 

  • Creative placemaking degrees, minors, and majors and aligned curricula embedded across a variety of types of institutions
  • Shareable curricula, resources, and syllabi that is easily accessible
  • Published papers on creative placemaking in academic journals
  • Scholars who count creative placemaking as their research area
  • A growing community of practice among practitioners and academics who convene, share best practices, discuss, and problem solve around creative placemaking issues
  • A generation of practitioners inspired to work at the intersection of arts and culture and community planning and development in equitable and sustainable ways