Brokering Relationships

Funded Project Summit
Every year, ArtPlace gathers its funded projects and organizational partners in-person to connect with one another and share their experiences within the creative placemaking field.  Previous Summits took place in Miami and Los Angeles, and the 2015 Summit will be held in Philadelphia.  While invitations to the in-person gathering are limited to funded projects and our organizational partners, portions of the event will be streamed live and viewers will have an opportunity to participate via social media.  Click here for more info on the Philadelphia Summit.

Creative Placemaking Hub

While quite a bit of content exists about creative placemaking, there is no central hub where interested individuals can go to track and participate in developments within the field.  ArtPlace is interested in what role it could play to support the creation of such a digital resource, and we anticipate collaborating with a broad spectrum of content creators to that end.


Broadening the Field

Out & About

We always enjoy connecting with people across the country who are interested in incorporating arts and culture into how they do business.  Be sure to visit our Out & About page to learn more about where we're headed in the near future. 


Changing Normative Expectations

Higher Education

At ArtPlace we are aware of the outsized role that institutions of higher education can play both in terms of influencing standard operating procedure for the next generation of community development leaders and as anchors within their surrounding communities.  We are always keen to support more engagement with creative placemaking from colleges and universities, and are considering how to structure a more formal initiative along these lines. 

If you are interested in participating in or learning more about any of these initiatives, please email communications [at]