Uniontown Creativity Center

Uniontown Community Development Association

Funding Received: 2013
Uniontown, WA
Funding Period: 1 year and 5 months
April 7, 2014

Updates: Status of the expansion of the facility
We are making progress. A friend of the Barn brought his big equipment in and brought down the skeleton of the old loafing shed. We had hoped for a dramatic crash, but the darned thing was so full of nails it took an hour and some big jaws to lay it down section by section. The jaws were amazingly dexterous with Brad Roach at the controls. He was able to pick off some pieces of metal that were tightly nailed and separate them for recycling. He also separated and stacked the poles for re-use. We had initially considered trying to get the trusses off intact for re-use, but there was no way that could have happened. The skeleton stood for a month as the subject for a photo contest, but we won't get to see the images until May, just prior to the annual photography exhibit. (We will post them on this blog when we have them.)

Recent Wins
-- The biggest win was two of us being able to attend the ArtPlace summit in Los Angeles in March. It was great to meet all the movers and shakers for this exciting movement and to learn about some creative projects. We thank the ArtPlace folks who planned and funded this inspiring event. We also learned about funding potential for additional projects we have been dreaming about.

-- The artist who created our metal cow sculpture brought in a piece he created to accompany the cow, Wheeletta Wholesteele. It is a stunning cat that will sit beneath Wheeletta's ample udder. The cat is a gift to Junette Dahmen, donor of the Barn to the community. Dahmen Doodles is the winning name in a naming contest for the cat.


-- Several of the poles from the old loafing shed structure were able to be salvaged and a couple wood workers will create things to be sold in The Shop.

-- The site is now cleared and utilities going in.