Uniontown Creativity Center

Uniontown Community Development Association

Funding Received: 2013
Uniontown, WA
Funding Period: 1 year and 5 months
December 17, 2013

The Dahmen Barn and Loafing Shed
The weekly meetings with the architect have allowed us to maintain progress on our design for the replacement of the loafing shed. We have decided on a final floor plan as well as the form of the building and the critical elevations. We have a multi-purpose room for classes; performing arts events and private rentals; a commercial/teaching kitchen; a large space that we can subdivide into studio spaces as needed; large restrooms, and much needed storage space. All is included in an envelope, which mimics agricultural outbuildings seen on the Palouse. The doorways to two adjacent outdoor spaces will work well for some of our events and for private parties. The architect’s estimates show the need for some additional fundraising, which is underway. We hope to catch some donors before the end of the year. .

Recent Wins
Our visibility within the community along with the success of the art program at the local K-12 school prompted a donor to give us $1000 in seed money for the 2014-15 school year. We appreciate his sharing in the vision and his generosity.

The Uniontown Planning Commission approved our master site plan for the Dahmen Barn that provides a driveway off the highway, which will connect directly to the Barn. The Barn is visible from the highway, but drivers must choose between two turns off the road to a loop that goes by the Barn. The new entry will make the way obvious, and plenty of parking will be built in the field between the highway and the Barn. Now we just need to raise the funds to make it happen!

We began the annual membership drive for the barn this November, marking its third year. We are blessed that more that 78% of those responding are renewing their memberships, and many at higher giving levels. A community member commented that he cannot wait until we have our teaching kitchen up and running. He is a single dad who says boiling water is difficult for him!