Uniontown Creativity Center

Uniontown Community Development Association

Funding Received: 2013
Uniontown, WA
Funding Period: 1 year and 5 months
January 17, 2014

Updates—the loafing shed project
We are still having weekly meetings with the architect and our design committee. Some details on the building have been fine-tuned. We added three dormers to the east-facing roof and decided on siding, both reflecting indigenous agricultural architecture of the area. The survey of the site is done and the soils engineer has taken soil samples, so the architect is ready to begin the construction drawings. The plan is to go out to bid by the end of February.

Two artisan barn board members will be working in earnest this month on closing the funding gap for the building. The teaching kitchen will add significant cost to the project as originally conceived.

Recent Wins
Uniontown has become an attractive place to live. Four new houses in a recent subdivision have three qualified applicants who are anxious to be approved so they can move in. The same developer built spec houses in two other Palouse communities a few years ago and it took several years to sell them. Construction on the Uniontown houses began this past summer, which shows our community is in demand.

The metal cat that will be installed under the udder of our public art cow is now complete and will be installed soon. We love the attention the cow is getting from passers-by, and plan to include her in a blog that a regional tourism site is starting.

Our public art—the cow and the tractor pulling a wagon—was selected for mention as noteworthy in the regional newspaper section that featured highlights from 2013.

public art 360 2013 - vert scan