Trey McIntyre Project

Trey McIntyre Project

Funding Received: 2011
Boise, ID
Funding Period: 1 year and 5 months
August 13, 2011

Trey McIntyre Project invents new forms of collaboration to connect with citizens of Boise.

Late this Spring Trey McIntyre Project's  Artistic Director Trey McIntyre and Kevin Kelpe of Red Feather Lounge were brainstorming about potential community collaborations. The idea for Connect 10 was born. Both TMP and Red Feather thrive in Boise because of their deep connections and relationships with the greater Boise Community. This project would bring together three very seemingly different groups: Trey McIntyre Project's 10 Dancers, Red Feather, and 10 local graphic design artists.

Each week for 10 weeks between July 18, 2011 and August 25, 2011 Red Feather would create a signature dancer-inspired cocktail. For instance week one was our beloved Brett Perry ,who in cocktail form is made with Rosemary-Thyme Vodka, cucumber, orange, and lime.  A graphic design artist made a Brett-inspired coaster for the drink to be served on.  TMP turned on the marketing machine with a snappy e-blast, and Facebook posts, and Brett elected to invite all of Boise to join him at Red Feather to sample the Brett Perry.

Everyone involved in this project will see the returns of building and promoting community connection through collaborations like this, and Red Feather has generously agreed to donate $5 of every cocktail purchase back to TMP.