Trey McIntyre Project

Trey McIntyre Project

Funding Received: 2011
Boise, ID
Funding Period: 1 year and 5 months
January 9, 2012

This January at Trey McIntyre Project we will give our Boise audience three very special and intimate ways to interact and learn more about our creative side.

1. Behind the Scenes in the studio--This January Trey is creating a brand new ballet for a February World Premiere performance in Boise. This involves many hours working intensely with the dancers in our studio. During his creative process Trey selects times to invite community members into his realm. They are allowed to sit in the studio and watch the magical seemingly instantaneous process of Trey translating thought and emotion to movement that creates dance, followed by a few minutes to ask questions and better understand this creative process.

2. Behind the Scenes at an event—Recently the Idaho Banker's Association reached out to Trey McIntyre Project asking us to provide an artistic contribution to their annual Management and Director's Leadership Conference. TMP will give a casual performance and show a PBS NewsHour video highlighting the company's engagement within Boise.

3. Behind the Scenes a thank you--At the end of the month Trey McIntyre Project will rent a 500-seat theater and throw an appreciation event for all of our Boise Partners, Sponsors, Donors, and Season Pass Holders. The evening will feature Trey working creatively with the dancers on stage, and will culminate with a Creative Conversation by TMP’s Executive Director John Michael Schert--in the conversation John Michael will highlight the appreciation our organization feels for all of the different ways that our audience supports our work and involvement in the community, as well as educating them further on the creative niche that Trey McIntyre Project is creating and role modeling in Boise.