Sprout Growers & Makers Marketplace - Place-based Transformation

Region Five Development Commission

Funding Received: 2016
Little Falls, MN
Funding Period: 2 years and 11 months
September 6, 2017

Purple Carrot Market Party with a Purpose at the Sprout Growers and Makers Marketplace

By Susy Prosapio, Purple Carrot Market Manager


I’ve learned that two of the best ways to build friendships and community is to work together on a common cause and to share food.  August 23rd’s Party with a Purpose co-hosted by the Purple Carrot Market, Sprout, Region Five, and ArtPlace America combined both and was an evening of real conversations and delicious foods.

The venue was understated: entering through the huge garage door of a former manufacturing plant, guests sat at tables and mingled around the large open space tasting local wines and Amish-themed appetizers.  The large, open door gave everyone the feeling of being outside while still being protected from the breeze and late afternoon sun - the perfect setting for a late summer evening. Music playing softly in the background added to the festive atmosphere but left individual conversations center stage.  This was an evening for people with a common passion for healthy, local foods to gather, get to know one another, and promote the development of our local consumer food co-op.

How would I measure the success of the evening?  Well, substantial money was raised for the Purple Carrot and six new owners joined that evening.  A tremendous success by itself.  But I believe the real success was that people stayed and talked with one another well beyond when we ran out of food.  Relationships were built or deepened.  Passion for local, healthy food was shared and promoted.  And our community was richer for the experience.