Red Cloud Indian School

The Heritage Center at Red Cloud Indian School

Funding Received: 2011
Pine Ridge, SD
Funding Period: 1 year and 5 months
October 9, 2011

2011 Lakota Art Market – A new venue and larger audience

In a new partnership with the Sacred Heart Church in Pine Ridge, SD, The Heritage Center moved the third year of its Lakota Art Market from the campus of Red Cloud Indian School (4 miles from the town of Pine Ridge) to the main intersection in town, merely blocks from the Oglala Lakota Nation Powwow.

The new location and additional offerings, including sales of fresh sandwiches and snacks, drew a larger crowd than previous years as locals and tourists alike sought a refuge from the heat and dust of the powwow. The air conditioned hall at Sacred Heart was the perfect setting for visitors to see the excellent artwork created by Lakota artists and even take a piece or two home for their collections.

From Lori Ann Two Bulls’ hand-painted earrings and jewelry to Howard Bluebird’s drawings and Carla Swift Bird-Pittman’s regalia and dance outfits, Lakota artists brought out some of their best work for the public and represented Lakota art forms extremely well.

“As a local artisan, the opportunity to display and sell my creations in at the Red Cloud Art Market was what I had been waiting for.  In conjunction with our annual tribal celebration, the Oglala Nation Pow-wow, I was delighted that the Market was a part of the festivities,” said Oglala Lakota artist Jhon Goes In Center, who participated in the Market.  “The Market gave me opportunity to not only display and sell to my own tribesmen but also to visitors to our reservation.  It really was my chance to talk about my work and enlighten visitors about our culture.”  Goes In Center, who creates and engraves silver jewelry while utilizing rare agates from the Lakota aboriginal homelands explains his inspirations and aspirations on his website

This winter, The Heritage Center staff will be working with various community partners to put on an even better show for the 2012 Powwow. Plan your trip to Pine Ridge around this amazing event!