Rebuild in North St Louis

Rebuild Foundation

Funding Received: 2013
St. Louis, MO
Funding Period: 1 year and 5 months
January 7, 2014

In effort to identify community needs in Hyde Park, we recently conducted a community meeting regarding the construction of our site. We collected information from different stakeholder groups such as families, youth, community partners and local businesses. Although each group detailed very specific needs, the request for a safe space was the common denominator. It is important as community ambassadors to communicate with partners about the work happening as we come together to transform the neighborhood.

Rebuild Foundation engaged our community by providing a space for families and friends to come together in fun with our holiday party. Having holiday events gives them a sense of togetherness and people become better neighbors. The old adage “It takes a village” becomes much more apparent in the Hyde Park community. Many of the families want a safe place for their youth to gather and engage in art.

Recent Wins
-- We had a troublesome beehive in the side of our building. The bees were very active, especially during the warm months, and causing distress to our neighbor, Most Holy Trinity. Many of the students at Most Holy Trinity asked about the hive; everyone was aware of its presence. After finding a beekeeper to remove the hive without killing the bees, we are now bee-free. Being a good neighbor (by handling this issue) has solidified our commitment to Hyde Park and to Most Holy Trinity.

-- With the removal of the hive, our community is safe from being stung, and encourages our neighbors to spend more time in our outdoor space.

-- Our neighbors building stronger relationships with each other through the holiday events.

Creating an environment where all parties feel comfortable speaking is important to building a sense of community and place. Once our neighbors share their thoughts and we listen with intention, we develop a plan for working together to accomplish mutual goals. This is what placemaking is about for us.