Rebuild in North St Louis

Rebuild Foundation

Funding Received: 2013
St. Louis, MO
Funding Period: 1 year and 5 months
February 25, 2014

In January, Rebuild re-instated our Open Studio program. We are excited that Open Studio has hosted over 25 youth, ages 8 to 16 as well as 10 adults. This time has not only given Rebuild staff an opportunity to engage and interact with Hyde Park residents, but it has also encouraged the neighbors to be open and trusting with the us. Through the creative activities and discussion after the different activities, the neighbors have re-established trust in Rebuild Foundation. Having a consistent schedule and providing the community with information about upcoming events and programs has allowed them to support the house and their neighbors’ ideas.

The activation of the house has also allowed the youth to feel comfortable and invite friends to participate in programming. They have taken it upon themselves to actively recruit their friends by passing out fliers. The youth are sharing their experience during Open Studio with their classmates.

February’s programming is driven by music. We have three areas that encompass music appreciation, music art illustration, and music by way of visual art. We learned from the community meetings and talks with youth that music it is a huge part of the culture in Hyde Park, and they want to experience it more and in different ways.

Recent Wins
1. Our neighbors have been great ambassadors in sharing that the house is active again, so much so that people are calling to inquire about the different programs and how they can be a part of the work.

2.The Alderman in our ward is focused on building a strong and vibrant community. He has agreed be a more engaged partner with Rebuild and to provide additional resources for programming in our neighborhood.

When we as organizations work in communities, we typically get excited about partnerships and collaborations. However; we must always keep in mind the impact of what these partnerships and collaborations may have own our primary stakeholders—the residents and neighbors in the communities in which we work. It is important that our neighbors are at the forefront of our conversations; all who are interested in being involved should understand that community is first.