OhHeckYeah: An Immersive Street Arcade

Brian Corrigan

Funding Received: 2013
Denver, CO
Funding Period: 1 year and 5 months
February 26, 2014

Colorado Symphony Recording the OhHeckYeah Video Game Soundtrack

This month the Colorado Symphony recorded the soundtrack to the video games that will be played this summer. The score was composed by Denver’s critically acclaimed William “Bill” Hill and recorded by the Symphony. Modeling the open source software movement, the music will be released under a Creative Commons license. When the street arcade opens this summer, the soundtrack will be available for download; allowing the public to use, build upon and share the musical content. Licensees may copy, distribute and perform the work, as well as make derivative works, provided they credit the Symphony appropriately.


Recent Wins
-- Bonfils-Stanton Foundation Awards OhHeckYeah $50,000 Arts Innovation Grant

-- Colorado Symphony Gets in the Game with OhHeckYeah

-- OhHeckYeah Mentioned in a Love Letter to Denver from TEDxMileHigh Fellow Sam Faktorow

MAKING MAGIC: After recording the voice over for the OhHeckYeah “about” video last fall, we collectively decided to open those moments of creation. We realized that in these moments, magic is created. Because of that we decided the recording of the OhHeckYeah video game soundtrack with the Colorado Symphony had to be shared. Everyone who attended the recording completely agreed; they felt the making of magic. The energy was contagious. Moving forward, this experience makes me wonder how we can open the process of creation to more people? Would this energy positively contribute to affecting a city’s creative output? How does that contribute to the city’s overall economic health? Are those moments of magic the core of what powers a creative economy?

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