Illuminating Trinity

City of Providence, Dept. of Art, Culture +Tourism

Funding Received: 2015
Providence, RI
Funding Period: 1 year and 5 months
March 8, 2016

There are many complex social challenges affecting conditions in Trinity Square and we knew no single solution would work. From the beginning, we have taken a multi-dimensional approach to instigating social change. Although there are many issues and challenges to address, the willingness of our partners and the community in general to talk frankly and discover solutions to make Trinity Square a more vibrant and safer place from multiple angles has been rewarding. Multiple project strategies are unfolding at one time alongside each other but communicating the coordination, boundaries, and behind-the-scenes linkages is not always clear. 

After multiple months, the need to adapt and refine the work plans and structures based on existing and emerging conditions was necessary - as well as accurately defining the parameters of each of the project components (funding, timeframes, governance, etc.).  In order to be applicable in such a complex project, the plan had to follow a flexible framework for intervention as the different components overlap and inform each other: an exercise of zooming in and out in order to have the best possible holistic intervention on Trinity Square.

In response to community feedback about proposed designs from our partners at RISD, the design-build component of out project while still happening withing the originally defined quarter-mile  radius from the intersection of Broad Street and Elmwood Avenue the project leadership has redirected the focus of the work on the exterior of Southside Cultural Center, including creating new space for outdoor programming in the parkinglot. 

Southside Cultural Center  is an anchor institution and cultural incubator that represents the uniqueness and diversity of Southside neighborhood; staging the Center as a platform for engagement and dialogue creates the ground for an inclusive intervention while adding to the vibrancy and value of Trinity Square.

Sarp Arditi - B’Arch ‘17, Song Du - M’Arch ‘17, Yin Fu - M’Arch ‘16, Yifan Kong - MLA ‘17 , Amy Long - M’Arch ‘17, Natasha Ruiz - B’Arch ‘17, Daniel Stone - B’Arch ‘18, Robert Sugar - M’Arch ‘16 , Khue Truong - BFA ‘18, Tianyu Xu - MLA ‘17

Sarp Arditi, Nandi Lu, Yin Fu, Alexander Kim, William Gant, Jing Li, Chloe Renee Jensen, Genevieve Marsh, Senbo Yang, Saba Yazdjerdi, Peter Kim, Jingyan Zhang, Natasha Ruiz, Robert Sugar, Tianyu Xu